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About Alliance Debt Counsellors

Alliance Debt Counsellors is a dedicated team of Debt Counsellors that strives to assist our clients in every step of the way on their path to financial stability. Our team of Debt Counsellors have more than 18 years’ experience in Debt Relief programs and takes a personal approach in assisting clients throughout the Debt Counselling process. We offer our Debt Counselling services across South Africa with our head office situated in Polokwane. Alliance Debt Counsellors is your answer to a better life and financial freedom!

What other people, are saying about us?

Alliance Debt Counsellors has changed the way I look at my debt situation. Their personal and dedicated assistance made me feel like I am important to them, like I really matter. From the start of the process right through to me being able to pay my bills again and to start living again. Thanks so much guys.

Grant, Polokwane

Debt Counselling changed the way I think about money and debt. With the great help from Allince DC and their very dedicated staff I can rest assure that my debt has been taken care of. Times have been tough, but just the knowing you are backed up by such competent people, gave me the peace of mind I needed.

Wessel, Tzaneen

Top 4 Benefits

What does debt counselling offer you? What makes it such a great solution for people struggling with debt?

  • It legally protects you against the people you owe money, your creditors

  • Your car, house, whatever asstes you own, aren't allowed to be repossessed
  • You don't have to make multiple payments to multiple creditors, you pay your debt counsellor and he distributes the money
  • Once you have payed back your debt, your credit record has to be cleared

Who do you owe money?

We negotiate with all these creditors and other creditors on a daily bases.